Top   Lodge3 Mattamuskeet Lodge

Built in 1915 as the world's largest pumping station, the Mattamuskeet Lodge is a storied part of Hyde's past, as well as an integral part of the county's future. From classroom to hunting lodge to CCC headquarters, this historic structure remains a constant thread in Hyde's history, heritage and economy.


Ocracoke Lighthouse

Completed in 1823, Ocracoke Lighthouse stands at a stumpy 75 feet tall. Thus, it is the shortest lighthouse in the state, but the longest in operation. Although the lighthouse is not open for climbing, visitors can explore the grounds and take tours led by the NPS throughout the summer. The lighthouse is located on Lighthouse Road, near the historic Albert Styron Store.



Hyde County is home to some of the most prime waterfowl, bear and deer hunting in the State. With private and public lands available, the opportunities are endless.

Fishin Spek And Drum


From gulf stream gaffers to creek side crappies, Hyde County is a fishing enthusiast’s dream. There is access to prime fishing with boundless opportunities in salty, fresh and brackish waters in and around Hyde. Here are some things you might like to know before planning your fishing trip. Click on the red links to download guides, buy licenses or to learn more.



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